Final Orbit

"Houston, we have a catastrophe ... "

An astronaut has died horribly two hundred miles above the Earth’s surface -- the victim of a fatal equipment flaw ... or something worse.

An American hero during the Apollo era, astronaut Santy Santich has spent a decade languishing in the NASA backwaters, waiting for that one last ride that might never come. But a tragic accident during a recent Space Shuttle mission could give him the second chance he’s long dreamed about ... and the fate he’s always feared.

NASA is covering up something, and Santy knows it. But once he’s strapped into the cockpit of Columbia eighteen stories above the ground, it may be too late for him to unravel the twisted threads of politics, betrayal and violent death that are strangling the plagued space agency.

Because the countdown has already begun ... and Santy Santich could be blasting off with a killer.

Read an excerpt from FINAL ORBIT.

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