Modern Science ... Ancient Mysteries.

In a biogenetic laboratory in California, a scientist injects his own DNA into a test subject -- and discovers that human knowledge and memories can be absorbed on a molecular level.

In the Vatican in Rome, the Pope makes a crucial decision in the name of science and God -- to donate the human remains of Saint Peter for DNA research.


For Dr. Andrew Shepard, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a chance to revive the genetic code of a long-dead saint in a living human subject.  For the world's religious leaders, it is nothing short of a miracle, a chance to resurrect the memories of an apostle ... and the teachings of Jesus.  The experiment is successful.  A miracle is reborn.  But soon it becomes clear that some mysteries may never be solved, because the resurrected Peter has escaped, on a desperate journey to Rome.  And he is being stalked by an unknown assassin ...

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