Symmetrical Images

This is a collection of images about symmetry.  Most people might think that both sides of either their face or the face of others are mirror images, or, to put it simply, that our faces are symmetrical.  These images show that this is not the case.

In these images, you will see three images of the same person.  The middle image is the original.  The outer images are images made from either the left side of the face or the right side of the face.  One half of the face was used and then a mirror image of that half was made.  This was done to both halves of the face.

You will find that it is amazing how different both sides of our faces are from each other.  In rare cases, a person actually does have a virtually symmetrical face.  Cindy Crawford's face is an excellent example.

When making these images, it works best in if the original image the person is looking exactly straight ahead.  If the person is looking a little bit to one side, it doesn't work as well.

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