It's Friday afternoon and a teacher is giving his class a quick quiz.
"Can anyone tell me who said this? 'We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.' "

Quick as a flash little Carlos Rodriguez puts his hand up.
"Franklin D. Roosevelt, sir!"

"Well done, Carlos!" the teacher replies. "You can have Monday
morning's class off."

"That's nice, sir, but education is the surest path to success. I'll still
see you on Monday morning," Carlos says.

"Very well! Now, who said this? 'Ask not what your country can do
for you; ask what you can do for your country.' "

This time little Suzie Matoko raises her hand to answer.
"It was John F. Kennedy, sir."

"Well done, Suzie!" the teacher replies. "You can also have
Monday morning's class off if you like."

"That's nice, sir, but attending school is the rightful duty I owe to my
family and society. I will be here on Monday morning," Suzie says.

Suddenly someone yells from the back of the classroom: "Why dontcha
stop making us look bad and get outta here, ya immigrant scum!"

The teacher looks around in shock. "Who said that?"

"Donald J. Trump," the same voice retorts. "Seeya Tuesday, teach!"

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