Golfing with Stevie Wonder

Donald Trump is attending a golf-related celebrity event and finds himself in the presence of the one-and-only Stevie Wonder, who speaks first.

“Very nice to meet you Mr. President. I have it on good authority that you deem yourself to be quite an accomplished golfer; I myself am an excellent golfer.”

Never one to be humble, Trumps seizes the opportunity.  “Yes, I am one of the greatest golfers there is - I own several golf courses, and hope to build several more. Of course you know Greg Norman is a good friend of mine - a very good friend of mine. But tell me, how can you play golf when you are blind and can’t see anything?”

Stevie Wonder replies, “Well, Mr. President - you see, part of my entourage involves a very loyal caddy who stands on the green right behind the next hole and calls out to me. Just as I can visualise music notes, I can visualise where the next hole is - with astonishing accuracy. In fact, I feel so confident that I propose you & I engage in a round of golf and I will even put $500,000 of my own money on the table as a wager ... double or nothing! Are you willing to accept my challenge, Mr. President?”

Trump can barely contain himself, thinking:  ‘I can’t believe it; here is a man who was a legend back when Obama was a schoolboy in Kenya - whose skin is darker… AND ... he’s blind! This will be more fun than taking candy from babies!’

He ever-so-proudly announces, “Yes, I accept your challenge.  In fact, I will even put up 1 million dollars of taxpay ... er ... I mean ... my OWN money! When do you want to play against me?”

Slowly waving his head around & beaming a big smile, Stevie Wonder replies, “Any night you wish, Mr. President, any night you wish”.

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