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Rex Tillerson: I Hope Trump
Finds Out He’s Impeached on Twitter

Military Refuses to Participate in
Trump’s Parade, Citing Bone Spurs

"Donald Trump is so privileged, that
the first job he ever had
to apply for was
president of the United States."

Stephen Colbert

"Donald Trump still hasn't released his
tax returns. 12 women
have accused
him of sexual assault.  He's going on
trial for
fraud for Trump University in
November.  Now the only thing
media's talking about is emails.  It's
like if, during the O.J.
trial, everyone
was focused on whether or not the

Ford Bronco had an up-to-date

Seth Meyers

"The Boston Globe just reported that
according to his campaign staff,
Donald Trump wouldn't take any
vacations as president. I think that's
because he has offended so many other
countries he can't leave this one."

Jimmy Fallon

"Donald Trump and I have a lot in
common.  We both fantasize about
having sex with Ivanka.


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