Donald Trump is being interviewed by Sean Hannity on his show.
It's a wide ranging interview and covers all of Trump's known peeves.
Finally, Hannity asks Trump what of all the things that anger him,
what angers him the the most.  Trump pauses to think and
begins, “There are two things, Sean. And thank you for asking.  The
first is all the nasty things they say about how dumb I am,
how stupid I am. I'm not stupid. I have a terrific mind. The BEST
mind.  So, when people call me stupid it really makes me
almost - you know - insane.” Then he stops.  Hannity reminds him,
“Mr. President, you said two things anger you the most.  What's
the second?”  Trump says, “Oh! Right! M&Ms are the second thing.”
Even Hannity is thrown for a loop at that one.
“M&Ms? The candy? But why, sir?”
Trump: “They're so damn hard to peel!”

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